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Creamy Potato Sheep Cheese
Pork Tenderloin
Rainbow Trout
DRINK Deceive Destiny
Duck Prepared
Beef Tartar
Meet Damian Piekarczyk.
Damian grew up in Wroblowka, Poland. He was born and raised amongst mountains and is a pure Highlander. He gained his cooking experiences working at Hotel Crocus in Zakopane, Poland. Along his early years of becoming a chef, his mentor was Sebastian Krauzowicz and he continues to inspire him to this day. He taught him the style of food presentation and Damian sustains that every time a plate leaves his kitchen.
Every dish is unique and contains a great amount of detail that will surely whet your appetite. Damian’s menu has influences from around the world but his main focus is to modernize Polish cuisine. His menu is very innovative, and changes often due to the fresh ingredients available during our changing seasons. The menu has classic home comforts and non-traditional add-ons.

"Come see for yourself why the food tastes as good as it looks. From the appetizers to the desserts, you'll engage in a mouth-watering feast of homemade Polish-fusion cuisine.

We only use the freshest ingredients and finest cuts of meat to ensure your dining experience is like no other"

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